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Jim Allen's Lawyers Ask Hillary Clinton for Help

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by: Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - The lawyer for the Amarillo man being held in Haiti is asking for the US government for help.

Amarillo based attorney Jeff Ritter, along with partners in Washington DC, have requested that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton personally intervene in this case. 

The letter written to Clinton says the attorneys are concerned that Allen may not have adequate legal representation and that he has not been able to speak to his wife in Amarillo since his arrest.

It also goes on to say the case is being complicated by the chaos in Haiti and asks Clinton to speak directly to Haitian authorities, hopefully persuading them to allow Allen's wife to speak with him and ensure his well being.

A state department spokesman says it's highly unlikely that Clinton will actually get involved in this case.

Allen and nine others are being held on charges of kidnapping and criminal association.

The prosecutors are expected to announce sometime this week whether or not they'll move forward with the charges.