YMCA's Policies for Sex Offenders Causing Some Problems for Members

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - A plan aimed at protecting you and your family is causing a lot of controversy.  Across the country, YMCA's are revoking memberships for registered sex offenders, but what about in the Basin?

YMCA officials tell NewsWest 9, there are certain guidelines that sex offenders need to abide by.

NewsWest 9 checked around the basin to see what those policies are in Big Spring, the YMCA is not revoking memberships for sex offenders.

However, they say keeping children safe is one of their top priorities.

A book, which is provided by the Texas Licensing Childcare Center, updates the list of new and exiting sex offenders in the area that way they can look up people when they sign up for a membership.

YMCA officials say that in some cases, sex offenders might be given certain times that they can come in, or certain areas they're restricted to.

YMCA staff does meet with each sex offender to make sure they understand the rules that are placed on them.

"Our mission is to help build peoples characters even though someone messed up in life it shouldn't be held against them, but they still have to follow guidelines that we set out for them depending on what the charge was," Dathan Jones, Executive Director of the Big Spring YMCA, said.

NewsWest 9 did contact the Midland YMCA, but never received a call back about their policies and the Odessa YMCA did not have a response at this time.