More Families Choosing To Buy Mobile Homes

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - While the housing market is at a slump, more families are looking into purchasing mobile homes to save money.

"We're getting better and better everyday," Big J's Mobile Home associate, Rodney Johnson, said.

Big J Mobile Home in Odessa says despite the slump in the housing market, they've seen a significant increase in mobile home sales for several months now.

"With the tax refund right now, people are going for it. Of course the housing market has slowed down, but we still are seeing the rise in sales," Johnson said.

Some sales agents say it has a lot to do with the options first time home buyers get when purchasing a mobile home versus a site built home.

"You don't have all the fees and closing cost when buying a site built home. You can put a 5% down and that's it, also our credit requirements are not as strict," Johnson said.

One mobile home buyer says living in a mobile home comes with a lot more freedom.

"When living out of city limits, you can do what you want without all the restrictions. I mainly did it for the kids, so they can play outside without worries," Mobile Home Owner, Eric Gallardo, said.

Mobile home sales agents say a majority of the purchases are from first time home buyers.
They also say they expect sales to continue to rise during the next few months.