Fans Continue to Call Upon Pizza Companies on Super Bowl Sunday

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Sunday's Super Bowl may divide households and pit best friends against each other, but one thing most fans can agree on, no matter who they're rooting for is pizza. NewsWest 9 tagged along to see what one pizza delivery company did to help serve all those customers.

It's Anthony Trejo's first time delivering on Super Bowl Sunday, but he's not nervous.

"That's when I'm best is when it's really busy. I mean when it's slow, that's when I don't want to do anything," Trejo said.

After a few months of dropping off pies, he doesn't expect customers to chit chat on game day.

"It's not that they're being rude or anything, I don't think. It's just they're ready to eat and watch their TV," Trejo said.

And on Sunday, he didn't have time to take things personally.

The Super Bowl is the pizza world's equivalent to Black Friday, and Double Dave's expected to sell 400 pizza's on Super Bowl Sunday, twice as much as usual.

"We've seen 14 orders in 30 minutes, just for pick up and delivery. That's a lot. (Normally in) thirty minutes, probably about four on a normal basis," Double Dave's General Manager, Frank Paredes, said.

Right before kickoff, Trejo delivered 12 pizza's at a Church Party.

There's both colts and saints fans in the group, but they're all rooting for the pizza.

"Pizza's like the universal love language. I mean everybody can have so many differences but pizza is really one of the things that unites us. Obviously there's God first that unites us, but pizza is another unifying thing," One person at the Church party, said.

So while everyone else enjoys the game, Trejo and other drivers hustled to keep the love flowing and the fans full.