Colleges Prepare For State Wide Budget Cuts

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - For many college students hearing about a state wide budget cut means a laundry list of worries.

"My biggest concern is having to get more money. I got a grant, but I still have to find the extra money and with this 5% decrease, I'll probably have to pay more," Midland College Student, Adriena Perkins said.

Midland College President Dr. Stephen Thomas says they were told by the state to prepare to make 5% cuts in their program, and Thomas says five percent may not seem like much, but to them, it means about a million dollars.

"It's not just a semester of cuts, it's next semester too and it will effect Midland College significantly. The first to go is hiring freeze and future employments," Thomas said.

While school officials are not exactly sure what will be effected by these budget cuts, students worry not only about increased tuition but getting their classes cut as well.

"They already cut some classes, especially if they aren't filled," Perkins said.

Thomas says while increasing tuition is the last thing on their list, it's certainly is an option when it comes to this years' budget cut.

"Tuition and fees is combined in our budgeting, so if you reduce that, we'll have to make up for it some how, but that's something we don't want to do," Thomas said.