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Silverton Sexual Assault

Briscoe County Sheriff Gene Smith Briscoe County Sheriff Gene Smith

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Silverton, TX - The Silverton man accused of sexually assaulting a minor and is suspected in other related cases remains behind bars in the Swisher County jail. We spoke with numerous people in the town of Silverton who say they know Gary Mark Eddleman. And though none of them felt comfortable speaking on camera, they were vocal about their prior suspicions.

As soon as NewsChannel 10 made its presence felt in Silverton today, everyone seemed to know what we were there to talk about.

A few of the town's 771 residents said that big news doesn't come around there often making this arrest a huge deal. It's also one of the reasons the Briscoe County Sheriff's Department is using help from the Texas Rangers for the investigation.

"The Texas Rangers are involved because it is an ongoing investigation. They have resources that I don't have access to. And one of the victims had contacted the Rangers," says Briscoe County Sheriff Gene Smith.

A handful of people in town were able to tell NewsChannel 10 off camera that Gary Eddleman was the "go to" painter in the town for his good and reasonably priced work. That he often hired teenage boys to work for him and even organized camping trips saying they were Boy Scout events.

However when the real Boy Scouts received word of this they put an end to it right away. One man in Silverton claims he was a Boy Scout troop leader with Eddleman and they were both kicked out for an unrelated incident. He also said the allegations are a huge surprise to him.

However the majority of people we spoke with in Silverton said the exact opposite.