Some Odessa Churches Begin To Offer Shelter for the Homeless

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - 13 churches through out Odessa are partnering with an organization called Family Promise to help provide shelter for those in need.

"We can take up to 14 individuals. It's for people that maybe living in their cars or doubling up with family," Family Promise Director, Imelda Garcia, said.

Family Promise not only provides shelter; they try to help people become self sufficient and while there is a limit to the amount of people that can stay in the church shelters, officials say they've had families staying at different churches for weeks at a time.

"The time frame is 30 days, but if they are not able to be on their feet yet, then of course, we continue service," Garcia said.

"This is a program that responds to a long range of needs. There is a commitment on their part, this isn't free hand outs," Father Mark Miller said.

Church members say being part of Family Promise can help benefit the community by helping individuals achieve lasting independence.

"This is a program that responds to long range of needs. Certainly we respond to those who are hungry, but this is the next step to becoming self sufficient," Father Miller said.

There are some requirements to be part of Family Promise. If you are seeking shelter with the organization, you must have kids and must pass a background check.