Midland Police Cars Get New Technology Equipment

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Midland Police cars are undergoing a make over. Soon all police vehicles will be equipped with the latest technology and going digital, including GPS tracking systems.

"The biggest benefit is the fact that it will reduce the time with writing reports. The current system takes a few days, and now the system will be downloaded immediately," Deputy Chief J.R. Smith, said.
Law enforcement officials say the new digital system will have what's called an "Automatic Vehicle Locator" that will allow dispatchers to locate an officer on duty.

"It will locate the closest officer; not necessarily the sector, but someone who is close for the emergency type calls," Lt. Brian Bogart, said.

It isn't just the GPS tracking device that have the police looking forward to the high tech upgrade, soon dashboard cameras will be more user friendly.

"Our hope is to access video from district attorney's office without having to burn it on DVD. They can get a report electronically on our system on their desktop," Bogart said.

Lt. Bogart also said getting upgraded technology will benefit both citizens and law enforcement officials all around.

"Everybody is going to be a lot happier with the new system," Lt. Bogart said.

Starting Monday law enforcement officials say the new laptops with GPS will be installed into all 120 police cars.