Discrimination Protest Held at Graham Central Station in Odessa

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - A flood of protestors are taking on the Graham Central Station nightclub in Odessa asking owners to change their rules. They say the club's owners are shutting out customers who are not in gender-appropriate clothing. On Friday, a few angry club-goers decided to take a stand.

Several dozen protestors came out to Graham's on 42nd Street in Odessa hoping to make a stand against what they call discrimination. 

The Gay-Straight Alliance at UT Permian Basin and several other local organizations joined forces to make their voices heard. This all started when several of those patrons claimed they were thrown out after showing up in opposite-gender clothing. Now the groups have decided to boycott the club all-together. 

The owner of Grahams refused to give NewsWest 9 a comment on camera, but says their club is not discriminating based on gender. He did confirm several people were thrown out but he says it's because they harassed other customers. He also says the club does have a dress code, like no baggy jeans, but says it's not meant to discriminate. 

Protesters with the UTPB Gay-Straight Alliance say they hope Friday's protest will be a jumping-off point to encourage others in the community to join their cause.