Seven Year Old Raises Money for Haiti

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

A 7-year-old West Texas girl has proven that age is nothing but a number, when it comes to accomplishing a goal.

The second grader's idea to raise money for Haiti started small but ended up pulling the entire community together.

"I was watching news with my brother and I saw that Haiti had earthquake, so I went to my room got my piggy bank and showed it to my mom. I wanted to give this to Haiti and she said this ain't too much," Greenley Deatherage, who raised money for the effort, said.

So Greenly Deatherage took matters into her own hands.

The 2nd grader at Westbrook Elementary, just outside of Colorado City, asked her friends to help out.

"I already had 4 dollars from working so I decided to put that there, Haiti needed it more than me, so I just gave it to them," Greenley's Friend, Gabriel Rivera, said.

Before long, the kids at Westbrook Elementary were all getting in on the cause.

They spent a few hours outside a grocery story asking residents to donate.

"I thought it was going to be little and everything it turned out to be bigger than we expected," Greenley's Friend, Madison Brewster, said.

But thanks to the kids enthusiasm, they raised more than 3,500 dollars.

Greenly's mother couldn't believe it.

"It brings tears to my eyes, I don't know where she gets these ideas from, it just brings tears to my eyes, I'm very proud of her" Greenley's Mother, Michelle Deatherage, said.

The school held an assembly to thank Greenley and her friends and the Red Cross came out to accept the check.

"I'm amazed that this community of 239 students was able to raise the money that they did, it was phenomenal," Tonya Hancock, with the American Red Cross of Southwest Texas, said.