32 Suspects Remain Behind Bars on Drug Charges

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MONAHANS - 32 people are behind bars facing a laundry list of federal drug charges, but for detectives the investigation is far from over.             

After a five month investigation, Monahans police and multiple law enforcement agencies in West Texas managed to stop dozens of suspected drug dealers in their tracks. The federal charges range "From conspiracy to distributing cocaine, heroine, and crack," Asst. U.S. Attorney Jeff Parras said.

If convicted, the suspects face some stiff punishment, their sentences will reflect where the drugs were allegedly distributed.
"Some of which were done within 1,000 feet within a school and public park and public housing," Parras said.

Officials with the U.S. Attorney's Office say even with all the arrests made the investigation is still on going.

"28 of those people were arrested during round up, a handful were already in custody for other things. We're still looking for a handful more," Parras said.

Authorities say they expect to make those arrests in the near future.

The arrests include:

  • 30-year-old Tammara Bailey of Monahans
  • 59-year-old Richard Robert Ford of Monahans
  • 37-year-old Tyeatha Lashawn Baker of Monahans
  • 37-year-old Edward Gaylord Southall of Monahans
  • 24-year-old Terrance Martel Washington of Monahans
  • 25-year-old Sylvin Anderson of Monahans
  • 28-year-old Lavada Williams of Monahans
  • 27-year-old Evat Thomas Chatman of Monahans
  • 23-year-old Isaac Ryan Wilson of Monahans
  • 27-year-old Omar Ramirez of Monahans
  • 30-year-old Erica Deann Ontiveroz of Monahans
  • 40-year-old Ismael Diaz of Monahans
  • 25-year-old Brittany Marie Gonzales of Monahans
  • 39-year-old Nanette Michele Villesca of Monahans
  • 27-year-old Joe Antonio Torres of Monahans
  • 26-year-old Joshua Salgado Navarrete of Odessa
  • 24-year-old Jay Salgado Navarrete of Odessa
  • 27-year-old Joe Alfred Garcia of Monahans
  • 26-year-old Zachary Sotelo Esparza of Monahans
  • 26-year-old Oscar Garcia, III, of Monahans
  • 27-year-old Joshua Lee Mitchell of Monahans
  • 45-year-old Jacques LaShawn Miles of Monahans
  • 30-year-old Jason Michael Nickels of Monahans
  • 24-year-old Sierra Otilia Ancira of Monahans
  • 36-year-old Ariel Rameriz of Monahans
  • 25-year-old Eric Rivas of Monahans
  • 39-year-old Omar Lujan of Monahans
  • 20-year-old Josh Lee Brandenburg of Monahans

Federal arrest warrants have also been issued for:

  • 23-year-old Todrick Deshone Simmons of Odessa
  • 27-year-old Michael Joseph Oyerbides of Monahans
  • 40-year-old Hector Anthony Orosco of Monahans
  • 58-year-old Thomas Lujan of Monahans
  • 61-year-old Mary Rivera Rodriguez
  • 37-year-old Bryan Sewell of Monahans