City of Andrews Considers Gutters and Curbs After Flooding

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - The rain fell hard across the Basin causing quite a bit of flooding, even stranding a few unlucky vehicles. But a new proposal at Thursday's City Council meeting in Andrews could help clear the streets.

"Water ponding, some of the houses have the slabs low," Ramon Carrasco, Engineer, Neighbor said. "If we get a big rain, water may go into the houses."

Water piled up on the streets in Andrews throughout the day building frustration for drivers and even a few homeowners who tried to stop water from seeping inside.

"We're faced with a situation where areas of our City do not have curb and gutter," Andrews City Manager Glen Hackler, said. "Some would like it, so we're trying to put a process in place that would incentivize blocks to have it done."

Coincidentally, after this burst of rain showers moved through West Texas on Thursday, the Andrews City Manager made a brand new proposal to the City Council hoping to add curbs and gutters to these messy streets.

"It facilitates drainage, aesthetically it looks a lot better inside your home," Hackler said. "Also it keeps weeds and the edge of the pavement from eroding away."

It all started when neighbors began petitioning for a drainage system hoping to keep flooded roads from getting any worse.

"People have to go wash their cars more often in every rain, and with curb and gutters, it will be different - less mud on the roads, so it will help everybody I think," Carrasco said.

So here's the deal: City leaders are considering starting with neighborhoods asking property owners who want to get on board to get 80% of their block to sign a petition. Then, the city will fund a portion of that project having homeowners pay about $500 - $800 over a period of time.

"The City probably had the chance to go around and see all the flooding so it will probably help with the Council making a decision today," Carrasco said.