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Road closures affect deliveries

by Larry Lemmons
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Severe weather and road closures mean some panhandle areas will have difficulty getting deliveries.

A local supermarket chain is dealing with the weather. Greg Ammons, Regional Vice President for United supermarkets says they made most deliveries early. The United Parking Lot at 45th and Bell has already been scraped numerous times and more will be done.

Ammons says it's vital during times like these to think of customer and employee safety.  "It definitely helps our sackers to be able to carry those baskets, push them to get them out there."

Road closures mean some of the outlying areas of the Panhandle will have to wait until tomorrow to receive deliveries.  Ammons adds, "We had 26 deliveries between last night and tonight and we actually have already delivered 21 of them. We've got three on the road, called, stopped two. They weren't going to get past that. Once they said 27 would be closed down about thirty minutes before dark because of black ice, then went ahead and turned around and went back. So we got four in Canyon and one in Pampa. They'll spend the night there because they can't get to Perryton."

Severe weather actually means big business for supermarkets as folks rush to buy supplies.  Ammons says, "Yesterday was bigger than Christmas, so I mean, you know, those are big days for us."

United closed at eight tonight to allow employees to go home early. They'll open again tomorrow morning at seven.