Midland Police Hunt for Wire-Cutting Burglars

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Midland Police have their hands full trying to bust some burglars. Businesses like convenience stores, banks, credit unions, and a jewelry store became targets for what they call a skilled crime. NewsWest 9 got an inside look at one of those burglaries and their method of operation.

"We saw they had gone to great lengths to cut wires, take out all surveillance equipment so there wouldn't be any images of them," Sgt. David Garcia with the Midland Police Department, said.

So far the count is up to about ten. Business all over the city fell victim to clever crooks who snapped just about all the wires they could find hoping that keeps them from getting caught.

One of those burglaries happened New Years Day at the Cedo's Stop on Midland Drive and Illinois, but this one turned out a little different than the rest.

The burglars jumped over the fence on the back side of Cedo's. They tried to get inside, but the door was locked.

"They walked across here like they owned the place!" Store Owner, Dr. Shihab Diais, said.

So they went to the electric box and cut all the telephone lines disabling the alarm system. They thought by doing that it would cut off the security cameras, but that didn't work, and everything was caught on tape.

"When the police got here, the guy who broke in, was still inside the store," Dr. Diais said. "As the police walked around to see what was going on, he escaped through the front door."

But it wasn't over yet. The owner tells NewsWest 9, they hit his Odessa store too.

"No less than a couple of thousand dollars probably, The damage they did to the Odessa store was $7-8,000," Diais said.

When they hit the banks and federal credit unions they struck in broad daylight. Police seem to think they mascaraded as repairmen hoping to go unnoticed.

"They were happening inside these strip malls that have other businesses and also during peak times when there was a lot of traffic and hiding in plain sight," Sgt. Garcia said.

At this point those credit union cases have been handed over to the FBI, but Midland Police say they still need help solving this string of burglaries. They ask that if you have any information, contact the Police Department or Crimestoppers at 694-TIPS.