Toyota Suspends Sales on Numerous Vehicles Due to Faulty Pedals

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Just last week, Toyota recalled 2.3 million models after reports of 'sticky accelerator pedals.' Now with growing concerns, Toyota is suspending sales on some of its popular models.
"The active switch by accelerator pedal gets stuck. It's made by a company called CTS and Toyota will send out letter to who may be effected," Michael Fisher, General Manager of Midland Toyota, said.

Those affected are different year models of RAV 4, Corolla, Camry, Matrix and Avalon's.

Now, Toyota is taking it a step further by shutting down some of its assembly lines and taking certain models off their showroom floor, an action that Toyota says is necessary for the safety of its drivers.

"We're actually blown away that Toyota has made this decision, but safety is first," Fisher said.

Other mechanics agree, having an accelerator defect isn't something a driver should take lightly.

"You could be in an intersection and all of a sudden the car jumps forward and puts you in the middle of road, that's a safety issue," Watson Automotive Owner, Jay Watson, said.

Midland Toyota says even with this major setback, they're hopeful Toyota will be back in the fast lane in no time.

"We have not seen a problem here in West Texas. I think we'll see a small number of people affected nationwide with these mechanical failures," Fisher said.

Midland Toyota says if drivers have any questions or concerns, you can bring in your Toyota into their service department and have it checked out.