Burglaries on the Rise in Hobbs, New Mexico

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

HOBBS, NEW MEXICO - Police in Hobbs say they're not even a whole month into the new year, and already they've seen 40 burglaries.

It's believed many of these burglaries are related, due to similarities in the cases.

Police say the would-be burglars knock on people's doors to see if anyone is home.

If someone answers, they ask for money, which is illegal in Hobbs, but in some cases when no one answered the door, those homes were actually broken into.

Investigators are also seeing a pattern in the types of items being taken.

They say there's been an increase in the number of wide screen and flat screen television's being stolen.

Police believe some residents in town are being approached by someone trying to sell the stolen property.

If you see anything that stands out or someone suspicious knocks on your door, Police are asking for you to contact them at (575)-393-8005.