The Battle Continues Over Culver Street in Midland

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The fate of a Midland Street remains up in the air. That's after the Midland City Council decided to get more more answers, before they decide to shut down a part of Culver Street.

The Midland City Council wants to do a traffic study on Culver to find out how many people are actually using Culver Street. They also want neighbors and the school to meet again to see if they can iron out their differences, but after Tuesday's meeting that may be easier said than done.

Tuesday's public forum lasted hours where many residents and Midland Christian School  officials voiced their opinion on whether a portion Culver Street should or should not be shut down.

"We wish the neighborhood could buy Culver. As residents we never thought we'd have to lose our street. They want to buy it for $135, 000, and they don't just want to build a parking lot, they want to expand the school in a cul-de-sac," Resident, Rheta Page said.

Midland Christian officials say the main reason they want to close a portion of Culver Street is to build safer parking spaces for faculty and students.

"It's a safety issue for our children. Traffic flows in both directions, it's a large price to pay if one of the kids are injured for the convenience of not closing the Street," Bethany LeRoy, who is for the closure of the street, said.

Many residents who have lived in the area for years demand another alternative rather than closing parts of Culver Street and they say they're not going to back down when it comes to fighting for their neighborhood street.

"They say they wanted to build more classrooms, well they built a stadium instead. We have Friday night lights in our backyard and tailgates causing trouble. We are going to fight, fight for our street," Page said.
"We're going to have to pray and find another solution to keep kids safe," LeRoy said.

The Midland City Council will hold another meeting on March 9th, giving the city a full 30 days to do a traffic study in the area. By then, council members hope to have a definite answer as to what the fate of Culver Street will be.