Local Residents Rally Support Against Midland Christian School Expansion

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A group of Midland residents say they could soon see their property values shrink while a neighborhood school continues to grow.

This weekend, those residents knocked on doors to get others behind them in hopes of stopping the Midland Christian School from shutting down part of Culver Street.

School officials say the plan to close a portion of the street is primarily for safety reasons and to expand the Midland Christian campus.

But some residents say they fear the move could lead to a dip in property values and traffic problems.

One resident told NewsWest 9, that they secured more than 100 signatures.

"Well I think schools do need to expand but in the process I think they should be good neighbors. And when they start doing things like building a large parking lot and concreting it in that means there's going to be drainage off the streets and Neely already has a drainage problem when it storms.  I'm not opposed to expansion as long as its dones as a good neighbor concept," Midland Resident, Richard Russell, said.

The Midland Christian Superintendent told NewsWest 9, the school hosted a meeting with the residents to discuss concerns over school's expansion.

The Midland City Council has the final say in the closure of that section of Culver Street

The issue will be discussed on Tuesday morning during the City Council meeting.

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