80% of Kids Lacking H1N1 Vaccine

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

Thousands of children across the state have been vaccinated for the swine flu but health officials are still concerned.

That's because most of those kids didn't return for a second vaccine. For younger children, an additional shot is required to help boost their immunity to the virus.

"During testing they saw that children 9 yrs and younger needed a second booster shot for them to fully develop that immunity that is needed for a child to stay healthy and not infected with H1N1," Miguel Escobedo, with the Health Department in Odessa, said.

But according to health officials about 80 percent of kids statewide who got their first H1N1 shot, never came back to get a second one.

"A lot of people think that after the holiday's people think that they don't need to worry about the seasonal flu or H1N1, but for the public to understand there is a possibility for third wave that might be coming in February, so we are still at risk of seeing high numbers of people getting infected," Escobedo said.

For parents who forgot to take their children for a second dose, it's never too late to come back in.

"They need to go back even if they exceeded the twenty days or month max needed to go back. Of course, according to the client, that they will decide whether they need another one or not," Escobedo said.

And there's no need to worry about a vaccine shortage, state health officials say they have enough for everyone.

For more information, you can contact your local Health Department.