Fort Stockton Holdings Files Lawsuit Against Groundwater District

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

PECOS COUNTY - The legal tug of war continues over groundwater in Pecos County.

Oilman Clayton Williams company has decided to file a lawsuit against the Groundwater Conservation District for not giving his company a permit to pump.

Midland Oilman Clayton Williams not very happy as his company has filed a lawsuit against the Groundwater Conservation District.

As NewsWest Nine first reported on Wednesday, the Groundwater Conservation District in Fort Stockton denied giving William's company, Fort Stockton Holdings, a permit to pump water off his property to other parts of the area.

In retaliation, Fort Stockton Holdings immediately filed a lawsuit against the Groundwater Conservation District.

The District ruled that the permit was incomplete saying Clayton Williams company did not show a real need for the water and provided too broad of a location of use.

In the meantime, Fort Stockton Holdings says it needs to protect its legal rights and property rights because the company feels the Groundwater Conservation District wrongfully refused to accept and process the permit application.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the company says, "Fort Stockton Holdings and the Williams family emphasize that they are taking this step with great regret because they have no alternative to protect their property rights. The company and family have historic and deep ties to the area and take seriously their responsibility to safeguard the aquifer in Pecos County."

NewsWest Nine did contact the Groundwater Conservation District to see what they had to say about the lawsuit, but they told NewsWest 9, that they have no comment at this time.