Residents Speak Out on Midland Christian’s Expansion Project

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Midland Christian School's expansion plan is leaving some of its neighbors with a bad taste in their mouths.

On Tuesday night, those who live by the school had a chance to voice their concerns.
Midland Christian School officials want to shut down Culver Street in order to alleviate traffic and parking problems in the area.

They say closing Culver Street will give them room for a larger parking lot and a brand new building.

Residents say the plan will lower their property values and cause major problems getting to their homes.

But school officials hope their neighbors will change their tune.

"We just hope that with all of the positive things for the safety of our children, the ability to clear the streets more to get our kids and our teachers where they don't have to park on our streets can offset that inconvenience for them," School Superintendent Eddie Lee, said.

"It's a good school and its ok, but they don't need to ruin our neighborhood. I'm sorry to say that," Culver Street Resident, Pauline Myers, said.

The plan to shut Culver Street down will go to the City Council on January 26th and the City Council will have the final say.