West Texans Celebrate and Remember Doctor Martin Luther King

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Monday marks the 24th anniversary of the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Holiday, but this weekend the Black Cultural Council of Odessa pushed West Texans to celebrate and remember King's legacy for more than just one day.

Odessans gathered to praise, worship, and remember the preacher who touched the world and would forever change America.

One preacher said, "Martin Luther King was a man of God, he was a spokesman for God. He allowed God to use him for his glorification."

Gospel groups sang as worshipers remembered and acknowledged the sacrifices Martin Luther King, Jr. made, but more importantly they encouraged each other to keep teaching the dream.

"There's still much work remaining to be done," Odessa Mayor Larry Melton, said. "By following his example. We can assure that the dignity of every person is respected, and the hope for a better tomorrow reaches every community throughout the world."

"This is the people's holiday," Jo Ann Davenport Littleton of the Black Cultural Council of Odessa, said. "Dr. King was about the people. This year, we've brought our community together Hispanics, Anglo's, and African Americans. It's about the people."

Littleton said the holiday should also push Americans to serve those in need and attendees stressed King's lessons of respect for one another should not be confined to one day.

"He labored days and days and days," Makhala Oldham said. "And sometimes I think three days aren't enough. I think we should rejoice and celebrate his strife everyday of the year."