Martin County Woman Evicted For Having Too Many Dogs

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

MARTIN COUNTY - A Martin County woman is being evicted from her rental home for having too many dogs.

"You see, I don't have 40 plus dogs and in the Internet, it also said that they are all roaming around you don't see 40 dogs roaming around," Dog Owner, Margarette Brown, said.

Margarette Brown takes in these dogs from families who want to get rid them.

"I have a number of dogs that they will call and ask 'could you please take my dog?' Because they know that I love them," Brown said.

She was evicted by a county judge after neighbors complained about the large number of dogs on her rental property.

"They keep saying that the neighbors are complaining, it's one neighbor," Brown said.

But some of Brown's neighbors don't have a problem with the animals.

"They are very quiet when it's night time, they don't bother anybody. They do try to get out of the thing, we normally grab them and put them back in," Brown said.

For now, Brown plans to fight the judge's ruling.

"I'm appealing this. If I have to go to Supreme Court or wherever I need to go, because I haven't done anything to deserve what they are doing me," Brown said.

Brown has until Tuesday to appeal her eviction.