Catholic Churches Reach Out To Victims of Haiti Earthquake

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

As those heartbreaking images of destruction continue to come out of Haiti, people around the world are scrambling to help out. 

Here in the Permian Basin, Catholic Relief Services are asking parishioners to open their hearts and their checkbooks.  
"It's sad to see how poor of a country they are, even before the earthquake hit," Msgr. James Bridges, with St. Stephen's Catholic Church, said.

The 7.0 earthquake shook the grounds of Haiti, killing thousands and leaving countless others homeless. Now the Catholic Diocese of San Angelo is stepping in to help.

"All the parishes in U.S. that are Roman Catholic have been asked to help. We'll have a special offering on all our services this weekend and it will be sent out to them as soon as possible," Msgr. Bridges said.

Bridges says the catastrophic earthquake hit a lot closer to home.

"80% of the population is Catholic. What we are going to do in this present crisis is adopt a parish," Bridges said.

Bridges says he's hopeful that the community will come forward in such a tragic time.

"Midland is extremely forth coming and they always help during crisis. I've never been in a community that helps as much as Midland," Bridges said.

The last time St. Stephen's Catholic Church held a donation drive was for Hurricane Katrina victims, and they were able to raise close to $50,000.