MISD Sorts Out Confusing Parking Lines

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - If you've ever sat in a carpool line, this story might hit a little too close to home. Midland and School District Police have been issuing a stack of parking tickets in a system they admit is pretty confusing. Now they want to help drivers understand exactly how it all works.

"It's pretty much a daily struggle," Chief David Colburn with MISD Police, said. "Trying to locate vehicle owners - sometimes we can't get to them and that's difficult."

Yellow, green, and blue. Parents say all the colors painted along the sidewalks make for a frustrating end to the day.

"I just parked by the door like we all do - I just needed to run into the office for a few moments," Midland High Parent, Ann Sosa, said. "I came back out and I had a ticket. I wasn't aware we weren't supposed to be doing that, because it is so confusing."

Here's the problem: there are three different colors on the pavement, but no one seems to know where to park. The yellow area, where the cars are parked, means no parking at all. The green area is for school buses only. But the big problem is the blue area - it's for carpool, but drivers are getting out of their cars and that's resulting in quite a few tickets.

And it didn't take us long to find one. The driver of one car, says she didn't understand the color system and when she came out, she found a parking ticket sitting on her windshield.

"They need to mark it whichever way because right now it's fine here, but there's no parking a block away then we need to address that," Pat Snyder, who got a ticket, said.

The only spot that's labeled is the green school bus zone, and District Police say it's just too expensive to make signs for the other areas.

"It's just not marked, so there shouldn't be a problem with this area," Pat said.

"I think it is confusing for a lot of folks because we're all familiar with yellow curbs, but you don't necessarily see a blue curb or a green curb outside of a school district," Chief Colburn said.

Police tell NewsWest 9 they're sending letters home to parents, making announcements to the student drivers, and trying to find the owners of these cars before slapping a yellow ticket on top.

"Parents don't have any idea," Pat said. "They're just trying to get in and out as quickly as they can so that someone else can get in to the parking area."