Water Fight Escalating in Pecos County

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

A fierce fight over water is escalating in Pecos County. Now, one Fort Stockton Council Member is telling citizens to hit Midland County where it hurts if they go along with a plan to take their water.

Texas Oilman Clayton Williams wants to sell water from his land just outside of Fort Stockton in Pecos County to Midland County, but the City of Fort Stockton says that plan will leave them high and dry.

On Tuesday night, the City Council took Williams to task when they approved two resolutions they hope will stop his plan to sell the water.

The first resolution allows the city to take action against his company Fort Stockton Holdings' L.P.'s application to the Middle Pecos Groundwater Conservation District.

The second has the city ban Williams' and other entities from moving water out of the area.

After approving the agenda items, one Council Member asked citizens and other groups affected by this plan to stand up against the plan and even boycott Midland businesses.

"I ask and challenge the citizens of Fort Stockton, Commissioners, Fort Stockton School Board Members and the Concerned Citizens Group of Fort Stockton, all surrounding counties in the State of Texas that could be and would be affected by this to unite in a fight against Mr. Williams and Fort Stockton Holdings L.P. and any other public, private and governmental entity wanting to transport water from our County," Council Member, Arthur Orona, said.

"I ask the Midland County Commissioners to reconsider and rescind their decision to create the Midland County Freshwater Supply District, number one, before I encourage the citizens of Pecos County and all surrounding counties to start boycotting Midland, TX, and tend to their business and personal needs elsewhere to another community."

Williams' camp wasn't present at the meeting to comment on Councilman Orona's comment but this is not the end of this fight.

The Council and Williams' camp are expected to both be present at the next groundwater district meeting.

Right now, it's scheduled for January 19, but the General Manager of the District says Fort Stockton Holdings L.P. is trying to push it back to sometime in February.