Neighbors React to Early Morning Stabbing in Gardendale

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

GARDENDALE - Neighbors who live at the Gardendale Mobile Home Park say they're extremely surprised by what happened on Tuesday morning.

Many say it's a quiet neighborhood where everyone looks out for one another.

"We were just all in shock because nothing like that happens here. It's so quiet," Neighbor, Julie Shackelford said.

For Shackelford, waking up to find out her neighbor and her seven year old son were stabbed came at quite a shock.

"It's scary especially in a small community, when you think nothing like this can happen, but it does," Shackelford said.

Deputies responded to a 911 call to the Gardendale Mobile Home Park at 7 o'clock on Tuesday morning. There they found Thompson's common law wife and her 7 year-old-son had been stabbed. 
She told deputies she had been dragged out of bed, beaten, and stabbed multiple times. Her son was also cut on the arm.

Ector County Deputies later arrested Kenny Lee Thompson at a home on Marigold. 
For neighbors of the victims; praying for their recovery is all they can do for now.

"I just pray for the kids and hope they can get through a tough time like this," Shackelford said.
Thompson is charged with aggravated assault and family violence. Two other young children were at the home at the time, but were not harmed. The children are currently being taken care of by family and friends.