Worker Killed in Glasscock County Industrial Accident

GLASSCOCK COUNTY - One person has been killed and three others have been taken to the hospital after an accident at an oil field job site.

It happened just after 9:00 Monday morning at a Sheridan Production job site of FM 461 about seven miles south of Big Spring in Glasscock County.

Authorities on the scene tell NewsWest9 that workers were cleaning a tank when they opened a vent causing them to be exposed to Hydrogen Sulfide. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration describes Hydrogen Sulfide as a colorless, flammable and extremely hazardous gas with a "rotten egg" smell.

One person was killed by the fumes. That person has now been identified as 65-year-old Johnny Mills.

Steven Waters was taken to the hospital in Odessa. Waters was unconscious when he was taken, but is now listed in stable condition. Two others, Mike Moore and Ernie Hicks, were taken to the hospital in Big Spring. Both of them are in stable condition.

Mills and Ernie Hicks work for Sheridan. Moore and Waters work for Cat Construction.

The job site has been closed and OSHA investigators are on the way.