Soggy Streets Causing Problems in Big Spring

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

Soggy streets are causing a big headache for some residents in Big Spring.

NewsWest 9 received a from a concerned viewer telling us the roads in his neighborhood are full of running water, and at the same time,  many homes in his area are dealing with no water service.

"The problem is toilets fill up, you can't shower, can't wash dishes, nothing you can do with the water off," Big Spring Resident, Michael Robinson, said.

Robinson says it's a problem that seems to be happening more and more often.

"Our water was out the night before last until three o'clock the next day, now its off again," Robinson said.

But while they have no water in their home, they are seeing gallons and gallons of water running down the street going to waste.

"A leak on 8th and Creighton, that has been there about eight months, thousands of gallons of water a day are pouring down the street, it's just like a big river," Robinson said.

But even when the water is on, the Robinson family still has problems with it.

They're pointing the blame at the water flowing down the street.

"One of the major problems is our water pressure is so low, a lot of times we cant even get it to hold the shower up on the bathtub," Robinson added.

The Robinsons have contacted Big Spring city officials so far with no response.

"We have called the city several times and sent an email to the City Manager and tried a push him along because one of times I did call, workers came out got out of their truck looked at the leak, then they got back in the truck and left and never saw them again, so I wrote to City Manager, told him about it, and they came out and put a traffic cone," Robinson said.

According to city officials, they have been focusing on their major leaks first. The ones that affect the majority of the residents, and they say they have to deal with 2-3 new leaks a week.

City officials also say that they are aware of the leak, and if they cannot repair it, they will replace the valve.

In the meantime, the Robinsons will just try and get by.