Texas Youth Commission Responds to National Sex Abuse Study

Staff Report
The Associated Press

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - The Texas Youth Commission says it will make use of findings from a new national study showing two Texas facilities having high rates of reported sex abuse. But TYC says it already takes sexual misconduct allegations seriously.

TYC spokesman Jim Hurley responded Thursday to a new Justice Department study that found nationwide about 12 percent of youths held in state-run, privately run or local facilities reported some type of sexual victimization. One of the six sites with a reported victimization of 30 percent or higher was in Corsicana.

Hurley said TYC has a "zero tolerance" on sexual misconduct.

He pointed out that at the time the study was done, mid-2008, TYC was embarking on many of the reforms that came about after a widely publicized abuse scandal within the Texas youth prison system.