Odessa Non-Profit Looking for Volunteers to Count Their Homeless Population

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - With the new decade starting, the federal government is getting ready to count citizens, but they're not alone.

An Odessa non-profit group is planning to begin counting their homeless population.

However, they need help to do it.

The point-in-time census begins in a couple of weeks and they're looking for volunteers.

They need an accurate count of the homeless for the Department of Urban Development.

An accurate count helps them see how their doing in the fight against the problem.

"This is kind of  how we measure as the community, how well we are in ending chronic homeless, and is great for all the agencies to have some source of measuring, how we are doing helping the homeless people in the community," VISTA Homeless Coordinator, Erika Chavez, said.

Volunteers will also be delivering blankets and winter clothes while performing the census.

If you would like to volunteer, just call 582-0099.