Burglars Targeting Church Parking Lots

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Shattered glass scattered through out the parking lot is all that's left of what happened this past Sunday at Eisenhower Church of Christ in Odessa.

"A member came in and told me about the burglary, and I went looking for the car owner inside," Bill Butler, with the Eisenhower Church of Christ, said.

Burglars are scoping out Church parking lots for anything they can get their hands on, and it isn't just happening here, but at the Holy Redeemer Catholic Church as well, where two cars were broken into at one time. 

The Odessa Police Department says it's become more common in recent weeks.

"It happened during the service, I was disappointed, I guess I would say don't leave anything visible in your car, it just causes temptation," Father Bernardito Getigan, with the Holy Redeemer Church in Odessa, said.

Churches are concerned about security that they asked volunteers to watch the parking lots during service, but some say that may not even be enough to keep criminals away.

"We have three men come out, but if they want to do it, they'll do it anyway," Butler said.

"Even if we have a lot of volunteers, the people who want to steal will find ways to do it," Father Bernardito said.

Church members say all they can do is look out for one another and hope that criminals won't continue to target what's supposed to be a sacred place.