New Year Babies Arrive in the Permian Basin

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND--While thousands gathered in Times Square. or along the strip in Las Vegas to welcome the new year, some were in hospitals, waiting for the arrival of a new member of the family.

All newborn babies are special in their own right, but none quite as much, as the first baby of the new year.

Officials at Midland Memorial Hospital say this has been a busier than average week for them.  Where they normally deliver around 8 babies a day, last Tuesday, they welcomed 13. 
"It's a busy time of year and I'm not sure if that's because a lot moms were pushing to have their babies and have the New Year's Baby or if it was just a coincidence," Marcy Madrid, with Midland Memorial Hospital, said.

Midland Memorial Hospital welcomed it's new year baby just after 10 Friday morning, a little girl, 7 pounds, 19 inches long.  This little one got a gift, bigger than she is.

"Every year, Midland Memorial Hospital does a big basket full of goodies for the mother that has the first baby of the new year.  It's just an exciting time, already, to have a child and when it's the first baby of the new year, there's all the clamor and excitement around it," Madrid explained.

Madrid said stores like Walmart and Target donated between 4 and 5 hundred dollars worth of things every mom needs to help take care of a brand new baby, gift cards,  bottle brushes and a whole lot more, "Of course, Midland Memorial buys some baby clothes and blankets and diapers."

Odessa's new year baby, Tinely Hamilton, arrived at Medical Center Hospital a few minutes before one this morning.  She'll get a similar gift, as well.

But, according to Madrid, Midland Memorial goes one step further when it comes to welcoming their first, new babies, "One of the volunteers, here at the hospital, always knits a blanket for both, the first boy and the first girl of the new year.  We have a hand knitted blanket for the first boy and the first girl and each one will also get a diaper bag."

Having recently had a baby of her own, Madrid says, gifts like these, mean the world to a new mom, "I enjoy buying for the new baby, now of course that I have a baby, because I know what new moms need the most.  Just having extra diapers and extra bottle brushes and onesies and all those little things that you go through, so many of when you have a new baby, are so helpful."

There is still no word on the name of Midland's first baby of the year.  Ironically, as busy as they've been this week at Midland Memorial, she was the only baby born on New Year's Day.