DPS Issues New Temporary ID'S

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The State of Texas is taking a big step forward when it comes to protecting your identity. Temporary licenses issued in Odessa are now coming with a picture on them.

"On December 7 we started, so we are fairly new but people get their temporary driver license with a picture on it, which really has helped out a great deal," Texas Department of Public Safety Supervisor, Lisa Escobedo, said.

This new system not only takes a picture of you, it also stores it, something that the old system couldn't.

It also has facial recognition to prevent someone from stealing the temporary one and then getting a real one.

"To make sure it is the person in front of us, so we do have a photo we can compare, we didn't have that in the old system, it does help a great deal," Escobedo said.

The Odessa DPS Office is the first in our area to have this system. That is why they are staying busy especially with the holidays.

"We are going to Dallas and we are going to drive up to Oklahoma and gamble, so I'm going to need an id, and I actually lost my id," Driver, Ashley Gutierrez, said.

Although the temp id with a picture is more convenient, be prepared to stay in line a little longer.

"It does take a little longer because the system does ask a little more information, we scan the document so they are part of the record already. It does take a little longer, but I think the wait is worth it," Escobedo said.

The Midland Office should have the system in by the middle of the next month.