Texas Tech Fires Coach Mike Leach

Staff Report
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New details are emerging on firing of Mike Leach as Texas Tech's head coach.

His attorney says they're suing the University, and that's just the beginning.

Tech's Chancellor says Leach only has to blame himself for losing his job.

Mike Leach and his lawyer said they would not go quietly, and with their recent lawsuit, they're not, but Texas Tech isn't either.

Chancellor Kent Hance says Mike Leach is the only one to blame and the Board of Regents also claims other things came to light during the investigation.

But since Leach was fired with cause, which mean he's losing out on the buyout clause, which would have given him 1.6 million dollars.

Leach and his lawyer, Ted Ligget, are expected to argue he was fired without cause to try to gain back at least some of the ten million dollars left on his contract.

Mike Leach also released a statement on Wednesday saying "over the past several months there have been individuals in the Texas Tech Administration, Board of Regents and Booster groups who have dealt in lies and continue to do so. These lies have led to my firing. I steadfastly refuse to deal in any lies and am disappointed that I have not been afforded the opportunity for the truth to be known. Texas Tech's decision to deal in lies and fabricate a story which led to my firing includes but is not limited by the animosity remaining from last year's contract negotiations. I will not tolerate such retaliatory action. Additionally, we will pursue all available legal remedies."

The two sides are apparently already in settlement talks.

Defensive Coordinator Ruffin McNeill has been named the Interim Head Coach and will lead the Red Raiders against Michigan State on January 2nd.