New Air Travel Rules Causing Delays Across the Country

by Michelle Franzen
NBC News

New travel restrictions follow the Christmas day attempt to blow-up an international flight coming into Detroit.

There are new frustrations for passengers at the height of holiday travel.

At terminals tighter security at checkpoints, including a second round of bag and pat down body searches at the gate.

"They said that they need at least two hours for me to get through security, just to get through," Traveler Alison Wamberg, said.

And new restrictions on what you can carry on board.

"They are not always too secure about putting your liquids in a plastic bag, but they did check for that.  And I went through a pat down through security which was a little bit different," Flier Kelly Williamson, said.

On international flights passengers have to remain seated with their laps uncovered, free from even from blankets and pillows, for the last hour before landing. They cannot even use the bathroom.

Word came on Monday, some airlines could ease some of those restrictions at the captain's discretion.

And for now, in-flight GPS map tracking systems are also disabled on international flights.

More restrictions could be on the way.

Security analysts say the controversial screening machines, able to detect hidden explosives and objects other metal detectors cannot find, may be necessary to prevent future attacks.

"Body scan technology has been controversial.  Folks that believe their privacy is being invaded," Douglas Laird, an aviation security consultant, said. "Basically it undresses the person. My counter to that would be that if you want to find threat objects, you need to use back-scanner x-ray."