Giving After The Holidays

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The season of giving is now over and most people are done giving, but there are still people who are in great need.

"Its not that people don't want to give, it's just they're not able to right now," Andrea Quiroz, Executive Director of LINKS in Odessa, said.

Couple the crippling economy with the generosity of the Holidays and you have a recipe for a shortage, come the new year.

"It usually kind of slows down by the beginning of the year," Quiroz said.

This slowing down turns out to be a hard time for organizations that get their funds from the general public.

"Definitely all of the non-profits, a lot of people, because of the economy it hurts the agencies and a lot of non-profits are on the verge of closing, because of lack of donations," Quiroz said.

But they're staying optimistic and hoping the public will step up to help those still in need when the holidays are complete.

"Any little thing that you can when you are at the store and pickup, somebody is going to need," Quiroz said.

There are still plenty of ways to help even if you can't give any cash.

"If you are not able to donate money, time is of same value, a lot of agencies if you donate your time, you can really use your volunteer time to make the difference as well," Quiroz said.

If you want more information on how you can help, you can call Odessa LINKS at 432-582-0099, or you can stop by at their office on Fourth Street in Odessa.