Stores Handle Post-Christmas Return Rush

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Tons of shoppers hit local stores on Saturday to make good on those after Christmas sales but while some were shopping others were returning or exchanging unwanted Christmas gifts.

Despite the long hours shoppers spent looking for the perfect gift, there's always a rush of returns once the gift wrap is torn off.

"Not a whole lot, but I have three children, so it's hard to guess their sizes sometimes," Shopper, Missi Walden said. "Here I just had one thing to return and then three things at different stores to return."

"Just a jacket, it was kind of small," Shopper, Jason Sanchez said.

No matter the reason, local stores were ready to handle the post Christmas return rush.

"Within the past couple of hours at about one o'clock we got hit hard with the return group," Target Team Leader Lisa Bennett, said. "Everyone slept in, but they came in now to return all the stuff that, whether it didn't work for them, didn't fit or was broken, so we're getting a little bit busy at the service desk now."

Target workers use shopping carts to sort returned items. Now, if the items are still OK they'll put them back on the shelves, but if there's something wrong with the item Bennett says the store either donates it, sends it back to the manufacturer, or dumps it.

And when you get ready to go through the cycle all over again next year, she has some tips for making that return process a little easier.

"The thing to remember is to give them a gift receipt," Bennett said. "As far as making sure it doesn't get returned the best thing to buy is a gift card. Today our sales are phenomenal as far as gift card sales. Everyone's out that gift card is burning a hole in their pocket."