Holidays Leave Animal Groomers Swamped

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

Who says only humans want to look good on the holidays?

Local groomers are swamped this Christmas because some local animal lovers felt the need to pamper their pooches this time of year.

They're getting clipped, brushed, and shaved to perfection for Christmas.

"You know they just like to get their pooches cleaned up if they have family coming or if they're leaving out of town to go see family and a lot of people take their animals with them, so they like them to be special too and spruced up," Stacey Russell of Animal Clips Grooming said. "A lot of people really want the hair cuts this time of year if we can't fit in the haircut then they'll take the bath, but mostly they want them groomed nice and neat for Santa."

Pet lovers think it's as natural as putting on your Sunday best.

"I just like to make sure she looks her best," Dog Owner, Shanna Mocy, said. "Everybody else will. So we get her finger nails painted."

On top of painted nails, Russell says cute bows, bandanas and even doggie Santa suits are big during the holidays.

"They each have a little Santa Clause outfit and the little girl put bows in their ears," Dog Owner, Jamie Pruitt, said. "We don't have any children, they're kind of like our kids."

If you think these pooches are being groomed against their will, their owners say think again.

"She's part of the family too, she's our only child," Mocy said. "She loves to dress up and she loves to go run and play with the kids."

While they're happy to see their four legged friends all gussied up, groomers will surly enjoy a break once Christmas is over.

"It's been crazy," Russell said.