Big Spring City Employees Help Local Family by Donating Toys for Christmas

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - A young mother of two kids was not able to buy Christmas gifts for her family this year. But when city employees heard, they decided to be Santa's elves and talk to Santa to see if they could help her out and bring Christmas.

Big Spring city employees frequent the hardware shop where the woman works and the closer it got to Christmas, the more they noticed something wasn't right.

"One day we went in their and she was kind of down in the dumps, so we asked one of her fellow employees what was wrong. She told us she couldn't afford Christmas for her kids," City of Big Spring Employee, Nick Reyna, said.

That's when Reyna and Chris Bishop decided to play Elf and help this young mother out with Christmas. They tried contacting the Salvation Army to see if they could help but the Salvation Army was already swamped with requests and had no more toys. So Reyna and company decided to take matters in to their own hands.

"We decided to help out and get some stuff together and buy Christmas for her," City of Big Spring Employee, Chris Bishop, said.

Before they knew it, this little act of kindness began to grow. The more people found out, the more they wanted to help.

"We just decided to take some collections, and it just grew from there. We got Santa on fire truck taking presents out there, everyone pitched in and helped out a lot," Bishop said.

For one three year old, it will be a Christmas never forgotten, where he got a visit from Santa he might not have had thanks to the help of Big Spring City employees.

"I think it's wonderful. It's a very hard time of year and it's amazing how people opened up and gave as much as they can to whoever they can. It's very nice to know I work with people like that everyday," City of Big Spring Employee, Tamara Bishop, said.