Jewelry Brings in Cash for Customers

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Local jewelry sellers are becoming buyers as more people decide to sell their scraps and unwanted pieces.

Jewelers say the trend is helping the average Joe sellers get a little extra cash for the holidays.

If it's glittery and shiny, it just may be good enough to get you some extra dough.

We all know gold is more valuable than in years past and one local jeweler says it's helping West Texans celebrate the holidays.

"Money's kind of tight and things like that, so people are coming in quite a bit," Isy Galvan of Isy's Fine Jewelry, said. "People are just trying to take advantage of the gold and the gold prices and trying to get last minute money for all of that."

In this situation, jewelers say both quality and quantity determine how much cash you'll get.

"It really depends upon the piece," Cathy Fleck with Occasions Fine Jewelry, said. "It depends on how much it weighs, on the karat of the gold. We've written checks to people for as little as ten to fifteen dollars to as much as a couple thousand, so it really just depends on how much they have and how much that gold weighs,."

But while gold is king, it's not the only bling that can bring in the green.

As well local goal jewelers say can bring platinum silver and other precious metals if they want to make some extra cash.

Precious stones may be pretty, but jewelers say they're harder to sell and not as valuable as the metal holding them in place.

So Galvan suggests sellers only bring simple unwanted or unsalvageable pieces.

"Personally I think it's better for the customer to bring in broken pieces of gold, old chains, old rings," Galvan said. "Things that aren't wearable, that don't have any sentimental attachment to. You know people are bringing in good pieces of jewelry too, but they lose in the long run that way."