Raffle Money Stolen in Big Spring

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9 Big Spring Reporter

BIG SPRING - Imagine an entire community raising money for a man in need of a kidney transplant only to have it stolen. That's the case in Big Spring.

Howard County workers put on a raffle to raise money for the man but some of that cash has gone missing.

"He was in need of kidney transplant and dialysis. His kidneys completely shut down, he goes twice a week 3 times a week for four hours a day, and he is on a transplant list,"  Raffle Organizer, Terry Wofford, said.

Robert Diaz is in dire need of help and that's why his fellow employees decided to hold a raffle to help pay for his bills.

"One of the employees builds guns, and he brought the rifle and another person donated a hunt on his ranch," Wofford said.

Each ticket sold for ten dollars a piece and at least 1,000 tickets were sold.

"The weekend before the auction of the raffle, someone broke in to the cemetery office and went through the desk, found the safe, and stole about 800 dollars," Wofford said.

Park Ranger Ron Alton ended up winning the raffle.

"The whole reason I bought a ticket was to help a fellow guy with his medical troubles and this incident happened. Crime theft that's affecting him, I just don't mind, I think that's what we are put in this earth to do is to help other people," Park Ranger Ron Alton, said.

Once Alton found out he won, he decided to donate a custom rifle to help for the lost money.

"I wish the best for him, maybe those fellas that did the crime have a change of heart, especially in this season," Alton said.

The community pulled together and they were able to raise over $9,000. All of that money will go to Robert Diaz. In the meantime,  police are still investigating who took the money.