Humane Society of Odessa Seeking Donations for Pregnant Puppy Mill Dogs

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - All 14 dogs taken in by the Humane Society Of Odessa are pregnant and that could make the number of Chihuahuas at that facility jump to more than 70.

"We didn't want to see them get euthanized, we wanted to give them a chance," Del NeSmith with the Humane Society of Odessa, said.

Most of the puppies that came from last months puppy mill raid couldn't be adopted out, but the pregnant ones; all 14 of them were sent to the Humane Society of Odessa.

"We first though we were going to get 9, now we have 14, and if you think about it they each can have 5 or 6 puppies, so you can imagine how many we'll have," Bryan Yancey, with the Humane Society of Odessa, said.

Now the Humane Society is in desperate need of donations to take care of the dogs and the upcoming litters.

"We need several different things. We're asking for large number of cages, bedding, and food," NeSmith said.

Yancey says despite the large number of puppies they're expecting, he's hopeful they'll each find homes.

"I'm sure we will. We won't put any of them to sleep. We've had dogs here for more than 2 years until we found them homes," Yancey said.

Officials at the Humane Society say they are also taking in any money donations to help with the veterinary bill for each of the 14 moms and the newborn puppies when they are finally born.