Report Released Regarding Eunice Fire Chief’s "Alleged" Actions

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

EUNICE, NEW MEXICO - Eunice's embattled fire chief may be off the hook.

The findings of a State Department of Health probe are in and at least one official thinks Ron Grogan deserves to keep his paramedics' license.

A hearing officer with the New Mexico Department of Health released a nine-page recommendation on Monday about the alleged sexual misconduct by Chief Grogan back in May.

In the report, the officer says Grogan repeatedly refused to touch an ambulance patients' breast implants, but finally did after she asked several times.

The document also says the patient, who refused to testify under oath, says she never thought there was anything inappropriate about Chief Grogan's contact with her.

Grogan did admit to touching the female patient's implants, but argued since it was consensual.

An earlier decision by the Licensing Board of the Department of Health was unfair.

The hearing officer agreed and said it did not meet the requirements to be considered sexual misconduct.

This recommendation now heads to the Secretary of the Department of Health's desk.

He has ten days to look at it, along with the recommendation from the Licensing Board, before he issues a final decision.

Of course, NewsWest 9 will continue to follow this developing story.