Vandals Strike at Cemetery in Fort Stockton

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

FORT STOCKTON - Mary Lou Benavides loves decorating her son's grave site because it gives her peace of mind, but lately that sense of peace has been disrupted by someone vandalizing the St. Joseph Cemetery in Fort Stockton.

"I've tried putting signs that say camera is in use, but it doesn't work. I hope to catch them in the act," Mary Lou Benavides said.

People have been messing with her son's grave site for years; the latest though was last week when someone stole Christmas decorations from the plot. Other graves have been hit as well.

"They say they're going to start locking gates, but that never happens," Benavides said.

Officials say it's difficult to track a person down who may be responsible for the vandalism, especially since they believe it happens late at night.

"It's sad that people disrespect the graves and would to that. Until this day, there hasn't been any arrest made," City Engineer, Raul Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez says the city is working on future projects that they hope will put an end to the vandalism problem.

"We're hoping to work on the fences, maybe a more automatic one and definitely put cameras up, so we can have video footage," Rodriguez said.

However, for Benavides waiting on those changes isn't good enough.

"I will start doing things differently and not put things out there, but it's hard because he's my son," Benavides said.