Police Investigating More Robberies Across the City of Hobbs

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

HOBBS, NEW MEXICO - Crime is on the rise and in Hobbs and police say it's more serious than the usual holiday thievery.

It seems like everyone's a possible target this year.

Thieves and crooks decided to step things up over the last three months, and now burglaries in Hobbs are up by 33 percent.

"This is happening all over town," Officer Mike Stone of the Hobbs Police Department, said. "There's no way for me to pinpoint where nor can our detectives and investigators pinpoint exactly where this is going on because it's just everywhere."

Recently, the Burger King was held up and homes and vehicles are constantly under attack.

So, whether it's residential or commercial the crooks don't seem to care.

Some hot items include flat screen TV's and copper wire, but Stone says residents aren't helpless in this fight.

One way people can protect themselves is by paying attention to their trash. Police say thieves patrol alley ways looking for boxes of things they would like to steal.

"What I recommend is people cut it up and put it in a dumpster," he said. "The biggest thing is people need to learn to lock their stuff up. In Hobbs, most of our crimes are crimes of opportunity where stuff is unlocked. Nine out of ten cars broken into are unlocked, that's high and pretty significant. We get one window busted for every 10."

He says staying vigilant is also a must.

"Anybody that sees anybody in the neighborhoods walking in the alleys walking down the street looking suspicious," Stone said. "Get a description of that person and which way they went and call us. We want to get there before they commit a crime."

He says crime will drop if residents and police start working together.

The Hobbs Police Department caught one burglar last week, but is still on the look out for many more criminals.

They want anyone with information about recent crimes to call the police department at (575) 393-COPS (2677) or send an anonymous text message by texting TIP411 with 575HPD in the actual message.

You can also call Crime Stoppers at (575) 393-8005.