Garden City Football Team Gets Hero's Welcome Around Town

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

GARDEN CITY--The Bearkats have a new trophy to add to their collection, Division 1, Six Man Football State Champions.  NewsWest 9 spoke with Coach Jones and his seniors, as they looked back on a winning season.

For the seniors, winning their school's, first ever, state football championship feels pretty good.

"We're the first team in school history to bring it home, so I feel really accomplished," Garden City Football Player, Lane Halfman, said.

Middle line backer, Marcus Cook says, "We ended on a good note and we had a great team this year."

This was Jesse Montes' first year playing Varsity.  He almost missed out on all the glory, "It feels awesome, having the state championship under our belts.  It's a good thing I decided to play this year."

When asked what he would have done had he not played football, Montes replied, "I would have regretted it, bad."

The final score for the championship game was 122-88.  That may seem like a lot, but Marcus Dalton described what it was like on the sideline, "It was pretty much a close game towards the end.  30 points seems like a lot but in 6-man, it can catch up to you pretty fast."

In his fourth season with the Garden City Bearkats, Head Coach Vance Jones can't say enough about his team, "My Seniors are awesome.  There's just four of them but they've developed, this year, into four of the best captains I've ever seen.  They've led our team, both on and off the field.  This a great tribute to them."

Some players, like Montes, are going to sit back and enjoy the ride, "It feels great having all the fans screaming and yelling at you, little kids wanting you to give them stuff after the games."

Others already have their futures planned out.

"I'm going to college at (Texas) Tech and I've got high school golf left," Cook said.

"I'm going to play basketball and then track and that's it," Dalton added.

This is Coach Jones' second career state championship.   He says he's proud to be a part of Garden City's first, "You can't ever take that away from these kids and from the community.  For me, to help be a part of it, is just one of the best things to ever experience.