New Football Obstacles Could be Coming to Alpine

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

ALPINE - Football season may be over but next year's season is already on the minds of Alpine fans.

Now that the UIL is realigning its districts, the team could be traveling a lot further away and that extra mileage could add up to some big bucks, and less fans in the bleachers.

Everyone knows the sounds of football. There's the band playing, cheerleaders cheering and of course the fans rooting their team on, but Alpine fears those sounds may be missing at away games next year.

"What I'm worried or concerned about is the travel," Alpine ISD Superintendent Jose Cervantes, said. "The fan base is going to really diminish because we have to go out there to go play."

The farthest the team traveled this year was to Sonora which is about a four hour bus ride, but if a coaches' poll prediction is correct players may have to travel to Slaton, Shallowater and possibly Merkel, non-stop, each is about five and a half hours one way.

"It's going to triple our gas prices, double our meals," Cervantes said. "We're really looking at the bands whether the bands will be able the travel. Which they too will get hurt in a sense for marching contests, they need that Friday night exposure."

Plus there's an academic cost, instead of losing only a half a day of school, students may have to take a full day to make kick off.

And things may be even worse for sub varsity teams.

"The J.V. kids wouldn't travel that far, we would schedule teams that were closer," Head Football Coach Shad Hanna, said. "So I'm looking at the possibility of not being able to fill a complete schedule with our sub-varsities if something like that happens."

So, Alpine and other schools may have more than just a few games at stake next year.