Ector County Chief Investigator Carl Rogers Announces His Retirement

Carl Rogers
Carl Rogers

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - After so many years on the job, Ector County residents have come to see Carl Rogers as a part of the fixtures, so to speak.

His career with the County spans 35 years, and he says it's time to step down.

It all began in 1975, when he served as a Reserve Deputy.

Ten years later, he joined the Sheriff's Department as a regular Deputy, under Sheriff Bob Brookshire.

In 1990, he was promoted to Lieutenant.

Another 10 years later, he made a run for the Sheriff's Office, but was defeated in a close race against Current Sheriff, Mark Donaldson. 

It was in 2005, when he was appointed Chief Medical Examiner.

After all he's been through with the County, Rogers says the only word to describe his experience is rewarding.

Rogers was also in media before going into law enforcement.

He was Station Manager for NewsWest 9 when the operation was moved from Monahans, and took part in the ground breaking the building NewsWest 9 operates from.

Rogers retirement goes into effect on December 31st.

The search for a new Medical Examiner is now underway.