More People Seeking Help For Domestic Violence

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

WEST TEXAS - Domestic violence services in the Permian Basin are seeing a surge in the number of families coming forward for help.

"It's a mixture of teens, adults, and kids that we're seeing come in," Safe Place official, Carole Wayland said.

According to the Allstate Foundation survey, there's been a 34% rise in shelter stays this year, and officials say the economy is partly to blame.

"The economy is a contributing factor. For instance, women who didn't have to work, are now having to," Odessa Crisis Center official, Sarai Rodriguez, said.

Adding holiday stress to the mix can also create a dangerous situation. 
"There's just a lot of pressure during this time of year, and that impacts the dynamic of families," Wayland said.

Officials say catching the warning signs early on can save you from a dangerous outcome.

"When they start isolating them, controlling where they go, who they talk to, who they see that becomes a problem," Rodriguez said.

Domestic Violence Services officials say they're also expecting an increase in the request of their services after New Years.